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New capabilities and expanded data set a new standard for institutional management fee analysis.

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Post-Negotiated Fees: The New Competitive Weapon

Learn how actual asset management fee data is changing the game in the institutional investment market. Download this whitepaper for insights on the importance of real institutional investment asset management fees.

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Active Return Opportunities in Global Small-Cap Report

The small-cap equity area of capital markets is largely viewed as inefficient, a place where asset managers can consistently harvest active returns, by institutional investors. This report provides an analysis of the active return opportunities in Global Small-Cap.

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Emerging Markets Equity Post Negotiated Fees Report

Due to many factors, the active management fee debate has been brought to the fore. This report provides a better understanding of the impact on fees across the institutional investment industry.

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An Investment Consultant’s Guide to Compelling Investment Presentations

Download this guide to gain access to the key attributes your presentation should include, plus a few tips and suggestions on how to use data to tell your best story.

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An Asset Manager’s Guide to Compelling Investment Presentations

An investment presentation should focus on the information, context, and reassurance that investment committees crave. Build a powerful presentation based on data using this guide.

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An Asset Owner’s Guide to Best Practices for Quarterly Reviews

Download this guide and learn which key factors will help you make the most out of your quarterly investment review.

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The Advisor’s Guide to Portfolio Performance Reviews

In this guide, we’ll define the top five questions clients want answers to and share ways to gain trust and improve the client relationships

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