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February 18th, 2019

Investment Metrics Master Trust Universe: Q4 and 2018 Calendar Year Returns

By Brendan Cooper

Plans in the Investment Metrics Master Trust Universe posted returns of (-6.67%) and (-4.29%) respectively for the quarter and calendar year ending December 2018.

Corporate plans posted the highest median quarterly return at (-5.75%), followed by Health Care (-6.18%), Taft-Hartley (-6.32%), Endowments & Foundations (-7.51%) and Public plans (-7.74%).

Performance was tied to equality exposure; Corporate plans median exposure to equality was 38.25% compared to Public Plans 56.10%. This relative underweight to equities compared to other plan types was also why Corporate plans underperformed for the year.Investment Metrics Median Return by Client Type Graph

Investment Metrics Median Allocation by Plan Type December 2018 Graph

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