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August 8th, 2018

Investment Metrics Year-to-Date 2018 Asset Flows Summary

By Mark Bell

Asset Flows Continue their Recent Trend Out of Equity in Favor of Fixed Income

Net Flows by Asset Class 2018

Asset flows continue their recent trend out of equity in favor of fixed income based on the Investment Metrics asset manager research database. Despite impressive long-term returns, US large-cap equity has seen the largest outflows on a total and tax-exempt asset basis. International large-cap equity is not far behind when looking at year-to-date tax-exempt net flows. Comparably, international small-cap equity did well with slight outflows so far this year. Within fixed income, US government bond portfolios and the broad market portfolios have had the most inflows in the past two quarters. Additionally, the US corporate bond portfolios had considerable tax-exempt inflows this year. Surprisingly, in this rising rate environment, there were flows out of short duration bonds in favor of long duration bonds. Overall, investors seem to be removing some of the equity risk in their portfolios and seeking the safety of bonds.

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