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November 30th, 2018

5 Quarterly Investment Review Tips for Asset Owners

By Mark Bell

A quarterly investment review should be a time where plan fiduciaries can learn more than how the plan performed. It’s essential to utilize this time to understand your asset manager’s process and how they approach the challenging market.

In order to make these presentations beneficial for everyone, including investment consultants and managers, make sure to consider these tips:

  • Connect results to the board’s policy decisions.
  • Vary your presentation each quarter – from the format to the data presented.
  • Use of investment factors to quantify the performance attribution.
  • Challenge your consultants to tell you something you don’t know.
  • Look for your consultant to integrate your online client portals into the presentation.

For more information on which key attributes an outstanding investment presentation should include, download our guide, Best Practices for Quarterly Investment Reviews, and make sure your presentation goes beyond the numbers and tells a compelling narrative.

5 Questions Your Quarterly Investment Review Should Answer: Download the Guide

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