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Straight-through reporting

When it comes to institutional investment analytics and reporting, the industry is turning to a transformative approach: Straight-through reporting. See why this will soon become the standard for driving better investment outcomes across all institutional asset pools.

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What Do Asset Managers Charge for Mandates?

Acquiring reliable fee data needed to achieve fee transparency is an ongoing challenge for all industry participants. Using real-world data, this article breaks down why access to actual post-negotiated fee data will help you compete and win.

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It All Comes Down to Data

When it comes to peer-group performance benchmarking for plan sponsors, nothing is more important than the underlying quality of the data. Find out which data attributes asset allocators need to consider for effective peer benchmarking.

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Which Endowments and Foundations Benefit from Allocating to Alternatives?

We analyzed about 400 Endowments & Foundations with our Plan Universe and uncovered that 94% invest in alternatives. However, not all E&Fs benefit from this allocation strategy. Read our latest blog to find out which E&Fs have come out on top and which are falling behind.

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Top Three Equity Portfolios Within Large/All-Cap Universes

We dove into the Investment Metrics Global Database to bring you the top-performing equity portfolios from each Large/All-Cap Universe. Find out which ones made the list.

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Corporate-Defined Benefit Plans Shine in Volatile 2020

Our market research team reviewed over 950 defined benefit plan returns from 2020 with plan assets over $50M. They found stark asset allocation differences between corporate-defined benefit plans in the $250M-$1B group vs. other plan types. See why these plans outperformed the index by 80 bps in 2020 and by 180 bps over 10 years.

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Active Equity Saw Substantial Assets Gained in Q4 2020

76% of the total US institutional equity assets gained in Q4 – a significant change from previous quarters. See a full breakdown of Q4 asset gainers, and the investment strategies behind the portfolios that topped the list, in our latest Insights article.

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Active Equity Value Managers Require Style Benchmarks

For the past decade, the FTSE All-World Growth Index has outperformed the FTSE All-World Value index, yet there are active value managers providing good active returns over their style benchmark. Our latest article examines the importance of style benchmarks and why they may be more effective than broad-based benchmarks.

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Top 5 Most Popular Insights of 2020 for Asset Allocators

As the year winds down, don’t miss our top 5 most popular insights for asset allocators and learn how you can gain efficiencies and a competitive edge in institutional portfolio analytics and reporting for the coming year.

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Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) Analysis and its Ascent in the U.S. Institutional Investment Industry

Participants in the U.S. institutional investment marketplace are positioning themselves to incorporate ESG analysis for the long-term. We reviewed eighty-two active equity asset managers to examine how they implement ESG analysis at their firms. Read the article to see their approaches.

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