Objective:  Deliver Institutional-quality Performance Reports

Design Clear and Concise Reports

PARis features a vast library of customizable charts and tables which you can mix-and-match in thousands of ways to produce performance and manager profile reports that say exactly what you want to and look precisely the way you want them to. Need more? Build custom charts and tables for pretty much any calculation supported in PARis.

Easily Tackle a Variety of Investment Vehicles

SMAs, UMAs, Mutual Funds, CITs, Hedge Funds, and Private Investments – PARis not only supports all of them it easily handles their reporting-specific nuances. With PARis, you can report on individual sleeves within a UMA account, for example.

Amplify the Quality of Performance Reports

Exceed the expectations of clients across your practice. PARis delivers institutional-quality reports not only to your institutional clients but also to your ultra-high net worth and retail clients. Automatically generate results for individual investments and total household assets. Evaluate performance of individual managers using returns-based and holdings-based attribution. Measure exposure to a wide range of risk factors with the built-in Northfield risk engine. PARis delivers insightful analytical reports that helps you distinguish your practice.

Objective:  Boost Advisor Productivity

Empower Financial Advisors

PARis streamlines your reporting workflow on a single, integrated, easy-to-use platform. Returns-based analysis, holdings-based analysis, peer analysis, custom benchmarking, portfolio compliance, risk analysis, cash flow analysis, portfolio rebalancing – PARis does it all. Let PARis do the grunt work; free up your financial advisors to focus on what they do best: managing investments.

Simplify Data Management

PARis uses our integrated database of proprietary institutional data, style peer groups, sponsor peer groups, risk factor model data, comprehensive market and index data, and a first-class security master and combines it seamlessly with raw client portfolio data automatically sourced from your internal back office applications to make data collection and updates absolutely pain-free.

Effortlessly Meet Compliance Requirements

Your financial advisors don’t have to juggle random external data sources such as Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, and Web downloads which pose a huge compliance threat in today’s environment. PARis not only has the tools you need to validate that your portfolios are meeting their investment policy objectives it also supports rule-based mandatory exhibits to manage unique compliance requirements mandated by clients.

Streamline Document Delivery

PRISM is a secure web portal for document delivery that comes fully integrated with PARis. Publish reports and books from PARis directly to PRISM with the click of a button. Publish any document on PRISM manually for easy sharing and distribution. Exercise a fine-grained control over who sees what. Archive reports in a secure repository for easy reference. Want your reports and books to be sent electronically to a production facility for volume printing? PARis does that too.