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Plan Universe

Plan Universe

The industry standard for institutional plan performance benchmarking, research and analysis

Investing is all about results. Tap into the largest and most robust data collection of its kind. From asset allocation and plan risk, to returns and more, Investment Metrics Plan Universe provides the robust, peer-group data required to evaluate net and gross performance, asset allocation, and key risk metrics—historically and period to period. Gain perspective and insight into your investment portfolios. Our intuitive, interactive analysis tool makes it easy to understand the factors driving total plan performance and support your decisions with highly accurate, comprehensive peer-group data and for benchmarking.

Leading asset owners and investment consultants rely on Plan Universe for:

  • Benchmarking: Compare asset allocations, performance and risk with relevant peers
  • Research: Evaluate historical universe data to spot performance and asset-allocation trends
  • Analysis: Use pre-built analytics to analyze plan sponsor peer-group performance
  • Customization: Create custom universes for more precise, apples-to-apples comparisons
  • Reporting: Leverage Plan Universe data in the Investment Metrics reporting solution or export it for use in other reporting solutions

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of the Top 20 institutional investment consultants rely on Plan Universe

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Plan Universe Value

Largest Institutional Plan Data Set:

  • Over 4,000 plans covering more than $4 trillion in assets across plan types, sizes and asset classes, giving an accurate view of performance and asset allocation

Benchmark Against Universes:

  • Standard or custom, based on your specific criteria, achieving a precise analysis of your plan against like-peers

Vast Plan Coverage and Distribution:

  • Underlying contributing members cover a wide distribution across plan types, sizes and asset classes

Unparalleled Insights into Performance:

  • Powerful interactive analytics to analyze plan sponsor peer group performance, asset allocation and risk

Spot Performance and Asset Trends:

  • Access historical universe data to spot performance and asset allocation trends over time

Custom Side-by-Side Comparison:

  • Ability to upload your plan data for side-by-side comparison

Plan Universe Use Cases

Client’s Plan Performance Benchmarking:

  • Compare your plan to the industry’s largest and most complete institutional plan performance and asset allocation data set; view underlying memberships to understand the makeup of each universe

Insights into Performance Factors:

  • Using intuitive interactive analytics to analyze plan sponsor peer group performance, asset allocation and risk across plan types, plan sizes, and asset classes

Differentiate Investment Advice:

  • Create custom granular plan universes for analyzing against like-peers and gain insights for input to portfolio construction and rebalancing recommendations

Spot Trends in Performance and Asset Allocation:

  • Analyze historical data to spot trends in performance, risk and asset allocation over time

Produce Timely Reports:

  • Plan Universe is constructed three times each quarter for timely reporting, earlier than any other universe dataset on the market

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