Press Release: USI Advisors, Inc. Adopts Investment Metrics Portfolio Analytics and Reporting Solution

July 21, 2020

Single platform offering flexibility to support analytics and reporting
for multiple institutional plans while enabling customizations to meet unique client needs

Norwalk, Connecticut – July 21, 2020 – Investment Metrics (IM), a leading provider of analytics, reporting, and benchmarking solutions for the institutional investment community, today announced USI Advisors, Inc., a SEC Registered Investment Advisor offering investment advice to retirement plans and endowments, has chosen Investment Metrics Portfolio Analytics and Reporting Solution to help with investment analysis and communications to its clients.

USI Advisors, Inc. will deploy Investment Metrics Portfolio Analytics and Reporting Solution to perform investment analysis and reporting for its advisory practice across its defined contribution, defined benefit, endowment, and foundation asset pools. With seamless data aggregation and powerful analytics, Investment Metrics enables performance measurement, investment analysis, peer comparison, benchmarking, attribution analysis, and manager research on an integrated platform. Using a robust library of standard and custom reports with analytics, USI Advisors, Inc., can produce customized client reports that communicate investment insights with branded differentiation.

“We chose Investment Metrics’ solution because we needed an integrated, flexible, and scalable solution to meet the needs of our clients across our growing advisory practice. We were keen to have a single platform that could leverage our best practices to deliver investment insights across the various institutional plans that we advise,” said Michael Welz, CFA®, CAIA®, CIMA®, President and Chief Investment Officer. “While customization and scalability are important, we also need to differentiate our materials so that our consultants can communicate the appropriate investment insights to meet their respective clients’ needs.”

“Flexibility and scalability to serve different client segments in a bespoke manner on a consolidated platform was a key requirement for USI,” said Sanjoy Chatterjee, Chief Strategy Officer of Investment Metrics. “With one integrated platform that meets the needs of investment analytics and reporting across various plan types, we bring efficiency, accuracy, and consistency to address all of USI’s institutional investment advisory needs, while supporting their future growth seamlessly.”

Investment Metrics Portfolio Analytics and Reporting Solution is the industry-leading platform that enables institutional investment consultants, advisors, and asset owners to aggregate, analyze, optimize, and report on investment portfolios across plan types, plan sizes, asset classes, styles, and universes, empowering our clients to make insightful investment decisions.

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