Press Release: Style announces business growth as it attracts more investors

February 19, 2020

London, 19 February 2020 – Style Analytics, the provider of factor-based portfolio and market analytical tools for investment professionals, announces today strong new business growth coming from several significant client wins and from upselling to existing customers globally.

Style Analytics has secured a contract with Davy Group, a trusted market leader in wealth management and capital markets, managing €14bn+ of assets.

James Costello, Director of Davy’s Global Portfolio Strategies Funds, stated: “We were really impressed with Style Analytics’ ability to deliver clear insights into our fund selection, monitoring and portfolio construction processes. Their analysis allows us to quickly examine peer groups and compare individual funds to other investment opportunities which helps us construct portfolios, manage our investments and to better communicate with our clients.”

In addition to Davy Group, LGPS Central and McKinley Capital Management recently joined clients such as BNP Paribas and Universite Laval on the Style Analytics platform. With new product features and additional data partnerships, such as Sustainalytics, Style Analytics has created an enriched value proposition for clients that has continued to fuel its growth.

Sebastien Roussotte, CEO of Style Analytics, commented: “It has been a very exciting period as we continue to grow our business. We have been listening carefully to clients and prospects alike to provide industry-leading factor analysis that makes life easier and faster for fund managers and asset owners. We remain committed to setting the pace of innovation in this industry.”

Style Analytics’ products and services are designed to help institutional investors and investment managers determine which factor exposures impact portfolio risk and performance, including ESG. By using the unique Style Skyline™, industry professionals can better analyze markets, peers and portfolios.

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About Style Analytics

Style Analytics is an independent, global analytics provider for investment professionals.  We enable asset managers, asset owners and consultants to build objective and comprehensive factor analysis on markets, peers and portfolios.

By creating transparency through factor exposures – the systematic drivers of portfolio risk and return – we help investment professionals validate and make strong investment decisions.

Previously known as Style Research, Style Analytics has over 20 years’ experience in factor analysis and serves over 280 investment institutions across 30 countries.  Our breadth and depth of industry knowledge and expertise continues to bring superior tools and innovations to support our clients.

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