Press Release: Style Analytics launches analytical tool Master Skyline™

March 11, 2020

London, 11 March 2020 – Style Analytics, the provider of factor-based portfolio and market analytical tools for investment professionals, launches today a summary version of its flagship Style Skyline®, showing aggregate factor exposures to broad investment styles. The new Master Skyline™ uses the same powerful underlying factor-base analytics as the detailed skyline, presented in an easy to interpret executive-level visual.

Responding to client requests for a simplified and still visually appealing presentation of its detailed analysis, Style Analytics developed a multi-signal pattern-based aggregation of its granular factor metrics to power this new offering. The Master Skyline, with scores ranging from -100 to +100, is designed for ease of use and to improve client, investor and board-level communications. Clients will be able to choose to view either the summary or detailed version of the skyline or to view both simultaneously.

Sebastien Roussotte, CEO of Style Analytics, commented: “Equity factor analysis continues to gain popularity due to its robust explanatory power, and our clients needed a visually appealing summary of our factor skyline. The Master Skyline achieves that simplicity of presentation while maintaining accuracy. We are confident it will help our clients tell their story.”

Style Analytics’ products and services are designed to help institutional investors and investment managers determine which factor exposures impact portfolio risk and performance, including ESG. By using the unique Style Skyline™, industry professionals can better analyze markets, peers and portfolios.

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About Style Analytics

Style Analytics is an independent, global analytics provider for investment professionals.  We enable asset managers, asset owners and consultants to build objective and comprehensive factor analysis on markets, peers and portfolios.

By creating transparency through factor exposures – the systematic drivers of portfolio risk and return – we help investment professionals validate and make strong investment decisions.

Previously known as Style Research, Style Analytics has over 20 years’ experience in factor analysis and serves over 280 investment institutions across 30 countries.  Our breadth and depth of industry knowledge and expertise continues to bring superior tools and innovations to support our clients.

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