Press Release: Investment Metrics Announces New Release of Fee Analyzer and its Rapid Acceptance by Investment Consultants

July 28, 2020

Investment Consultants and Advisors Embrace Fee Analyzer as the New Gold Standard for Fee Benchmarking

Norwalk, Connecticut – July 28, 2020 – Investment Metrics (IM), a leading provider of analytics, reporting, and benchmarking solutions for the institutional investment market, today announced a new release of Fee Analyzer, that provides investment consultants, asset owners, and asset managers a universal fee benchmarking platform. Since its introduction, many asset managers have adopted Fee Analyzer, and the newest release has readily been embraced by  leading institutional investment consultants such as RVK, Inc. and Standard Valuations, Inc., to name a few.

With the new release of Fee Analyzer, investment consultants gain greater confidence in the manager search and selection process; deliver increased value to their clients by proactively analyzing fees against performance across their book of business; and ensure consistent fees across plan types, investment styles, and managers. Investment consultants, asset owners and asset managers can strengthen their fee negotiations using the expanded data footprint in Fee Analyzer to support their positioning.

As we continue to expand our database, this new release has an increasingly robust data set, representing almost 50,000 fee observations across more than 60 investment styles that cover all major plan types and sizes.  By using the larger data set, Fee Analyzer brings transparency to actual post-negotiated fee data, and the latest release allows investment consultants to monitor fee changes, analyze fee dispersion, and assess fees against managers’ performance within their book of business. The new release also allows both investment consultants and asset managers to benchmark fees against their like-peers.

“The Fee Analyzer offers a more nuanced way to monitor and analyze fees across our client base. It also provides a greater level of transparency into actual fees paid and gives us an additional tool to negotiate better fee outcomes,” said Joe Ledgerwood, CFA, Director of Manager Research, RVK, Inc. “We are pleased to find tools such as this one that can help us more effectively evaluate manager fees against their industry peers and their performance.”

“Since Fee Analyzer’s release in 2019, our investment consultant and asset owner clients have been asking us how they can benchmark fees across their investment portfolios to ensure optimal fees across investment styles or managers,” said Sanjoy Chatterjee, Chief Strategy Officer of Investment Metrics. “This new release addresses the specific needs for investment consultants and asset owners, giving them unparalleled insights in fee benchmarking. We anticipate consultants will leverage Fee Analyzer to gain deeper comparative knowledge of their portfolio fees.”

Leveraging the industry’s most comprehensive and reliable source of actual post-negotiated manager fee data, we continue to expand the Fee Analyzer data observations, making fee benchmarking statistically more relevant. Fee data are extracted from Investment Metric’s Portfolio Analytics and Reporting platform, which is used by leading institutional investment consultants and asset owners, covering over $10 trillion in assets under advisement.

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