Article: The New Standard for Institutional Management Fee Analysis

February 12, 2020

With scrutiny on management fees in the institutional investment market continuing to rise, having access to the industry’s only comprehensive source of actual post-negotiated fee data is becoming even more important.

That’s why we built Fee Analyzer. In the past, fee data had to be cobbled together from multiple incomplete, infrequently updated sources that lack external validation often resulting in an incomplete, or worse, unactionable result. However, Fee Analyzer draws from our proprietary reporting platform, which covers 20,000 institutional plans across different types, and 500,000 portfolios. Its breadth of information is unparalleled in the marketplace.

What’s New with Fee Analyzer?

In addition to access to sheer data, the latest update also includes key functionality to enable you to do your job more efficiently. Here are some of the highlights of our most recent enhancements.

Expanded Fee Observation Counts

We are constantly adding observable fees as part of our mission to make sure Fee Analyzer data is constantly as relevant and robust as possible. With this release, we’ve expanded the number of portfolios that power Fee Analyzer by more than 40%. This push towards more observations will allow Fee Analyzer to provide an even deeper level of granularity.

Manager Data Upload

Currently, asset managers may only have a few of their portfolios on our platform. But with the new release, you can now upload fee data for all of your portfolios and conduct powerful analysis. This means you can get greater insight into how your firm compares to the market, reliable data for pricing new products and defensible data points for fee negotiations.

My Firm’s Data View

In conjunction with the manager data upload feature, you can now selectively choose when and how to include your data in your analyses. Include your firm’s data or exclude it. Include only the data you’ve uploaded. You have full flexibility to review your data in combination with the robust data set provided in Fee Analyzer.

Custom Mandate Sizes

We heard our clients loud and clear. They need the ability to create more granular and more custom mandate size ranges to restrict fee universe membership. Now you can create up to 4 customized mandate size ranges selecting from/to values from an expanded list of mandate size choices. This will allow much more flexibility and granularity in your fee analyses.

Recent Fee Analysis

Fee Analyzer contains historical fee data that is used to construct universes at any point in time. However, you may only be interested in mandates that have originated or been re-negotiated over the last 12-24 months. With this release, Fee Analyzer allows you to restrict universes to get a sense of how fees have been set in the not so distant past.

Analytics Enhancements

Our analytics tools provide you with an almost unlimited number of ways to parse and analyze data. In this release, you can have Fee Analyzer calculate your firm’s mid, median and max fee values and plot them on the universe chart. You can even connect them with a trend line across multiple universes. You’ll see exactly how your firm stacks up to the market. We also enhanced the mouse-over feature on our charts to show the number of observations in each quartile or bps distribution bar.

What’s Next for Fee Analyzer?

Though Fee Analyzer is unrivaled in the industry, that doesn’t mean we rest on our laurels. We are already working on our next release and constantly looking at ways to add new useful functionality to help investment professionals do their job better and gain a competitive edge. Sign up for a demo of the new Fee Analyzer and see what you think.


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