Case Study: UK Boutique Long Only Asset Manager with 13bn assets under management

March 5, 2019

The Problem

To provide more value to clients, this asset manager required an independent way to demonstrate value beyond adhering to the investment philosophy. They needed to be able to prove investment skill.  It was also a requirement by the investment management team that their due diligence reporting included factor and risk exposure data in regular review meetings with their clients. These reports would then be used to entice new mandates in prospect meetings and enhance existing client relationships.

Additionally, the operational burden of uploading fund data on over 200 funds in different formats and frequencies was causing internal inefficiencies on reporting.

The Solution

Using holdings-based factor analysis enabled the asset manager to provide a deeper understanding of factor exposures and demonstrate the key drivers of performance, in addition to external strategy validation.

The peer analysis functionality gives the asset manager the ability to demonstrate their added value, quickly, when being measured against competitors. This has been key when differentiating themselves during a mandate due diligence process.


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