Article: Risk analysis across all of the funds closest competitors

June 9, 2020

In today’s turbulent markets, more than ever, asset managers need to validate their investment processes by using advanced data and analytics. The alternative, for most asset managers, is to risk irrelevance in the eyes of their investors and fall toward the bottom of the pack. With risk management frameworks and established governance practice now the norm, investors increasingly look for analytical results that validate what the managers claim they do. We see an increasing reliance on data, technology, and analytical reporting platforms that integrate risk management and portfolio management.

Similyzer™ is the first tool of its kind in the industry – it searches through over 28,000 funds to find the closest funds based on a list of chosen factors. It then compares and contrasts all those funds’ risk scores: tracking error, active share, beta, volatility, etc. so managers can quickly, easily and definitively demonstrate their fund’s risk management results to more easily win and retain investors. 

Similyzer™ gives a significant information advantage over other managers – positioning its users to identify, understand, and fend off the growing array of risks that confront them. Managers using Similyzer™ can:

  • See how similar and different their fund is to others across all investment factors, ESG, performance and risk measures;
  • Identify their most similar competitors and the attributes on which they most clearly differentiate themselves;
  • Provide clear evidence of the strength of their risk management practices through a direct comparison of historical performance, active share, tracking error, beta and many other metrics


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