Article: Q4 2022 Plan Universe Snapshot

Brendan Cooper | January 24, 2023

Pension funds rebound after long stretch of negative returns

Defined benefit plans in the Investment Metrics Plan Sponsor Universes posted a median net return of 5.39% for the fourth quarter 2022. Performance rebounded after three consecutive quarters with negative returns to start the year. The median net return for the calendar year 2022 was -14.1%, the worst calendar year return since 2008.

Endowments & Foundations had the best relative performance compared other plans, with a median net return of 6.37%. Health & Welfare plans delivered the poorest performance for the quarter, with a median net return of 3.18%. 

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Preliminary Peer Group Size:

All Defined Benefit: 654, Corporate: 164, Public: 240, Taft-Hartley: 196, End. & Fnd: 670, Health & Welfare: 183


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