Investment Metrics acquires Style Analytics

Global Factor and ESG exposure analyses add even greater insight in portfolio analytics and reporting.

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Factor and ESG Exposure Analysis

Style Analytics, now part of Investment Metrics, provides industry-leading factor and ESG analytics for:

of the largest 100 investment managers

of the largest 50 investment managers

of the largest 25 investment managers

of the largest 10 investment managers


Portfolio Analyzer

The proprietary Style Skyline® solution delivers an in-depth, precise, and highly customizable analysis of a portfolio’s Factor exposure.  Select from over 130 sub-factors and instantly deliver a precise holdings-based analysis of a portfolio’s Factor exposure.

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Peer Insights™

Instantly compare any fund to any peer group of your choice. With thousands of pre-calculated funds’ factor tilts – based on their underlying holdings data – you can see exactly where they stand out from the crowd.

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A new way to immediately identify exactly how funds are similar and how they differ. Compare factor exposures and view comparisons on performance, risk measures, ESG and a host of other metrics for over 28,000 funds and ETFs.

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ESG Analytics

Combine ESG exposures alongside traditional factors for a fast and comprehensive view of your portfolio.

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