Objective:  Seize First-to-market Advantage

Identify Underserved Markets

Size up potential niches for new products and get fresh insights into the trends in contemporary investor behavior with cutting-edge research services from InterSec Research.

Validate Your Market Assumptions

Validate your instincts with a fresh perspective on the investable universe with InvestWorks. Substantiate your intuition with thorough analysis using InvestWork’s comprehensive peer groups and easy-to-use comparison tools.

See Where the Money is Flowing

Get a thorough analysis of asset flows, performance and risk measures, and the top inflows and outflows in a variety of broad, actively managed institutional peer groups from out quarterly Net Flows Report.

Use Our Data for Your Research

Take a step beyond what commercial tools offer. Slice and dice specific data points your way with our high-quality product and peer group data feeds to gain insights that only your own unique analysis can provide.

Objective:  Size Up the Competition

See Who is Winning Assets and Why

Get the scoop on who is beating you and discover ways to beat them at their own game with a methodical analysis from InterSec Research which employs a proprietary combination of data analysis and insight to pinpoint who is winning new mandates and why.

Evaluate Products the way Investors Do

Literally. Top consultants use InvestWorks to compare your products with the competition. Do it the way they do it with 1-click transitions among 50+ of the most commonly sought comparisons for an instant 360° view across multiple time periods. Get a measure of the competition by comparing 12 statistics across an entire peer group at a glance.

Objective:  Introduce Your Products to Influential Investors

Get on Investors’ Radars

Contribute your firm and product data to EQuest. It instantly becomes part of a database used by the top global investment consultants, plan sponsors, and wealth managers for vetting institutional asset managers and generating buy lists.
EQuest is the engine that drives InvestWorks– a tool influential investors use for product searches, peer comparisons, and manager research.

Create Professional Presentations

Spruce up you presentations and marketing materials with professional-quality charts and reports from InvestWorks right out of the box.
Need tear sheets or performance reports in bulk? Generate them on a schedule or on-demand with PARis to your precise specifications. Do it completely in-house with the web-based flavor of PARis or let us do it for you with RaaS, our outsourced report-generation service.