Power of PARis + Expertise of Investment Metrics

Portfolio reporting with a one-two punch …

… in three easy steps.

Step 1: Onboard


Your Primary Contact on the IM team -now your team– spends time with you to better understand:

  • your client base
  • your work flow
  • your reporting requirements


RaaS runs on our PARis platform. So we set you up for accessing PARis; you get full access to the platform.

We also set up a link to your custodian. No custodian feeds? We can have your data entered manually from your statements.


We migrate your account data from your current platform to PARis and set up your plan structures.

Data migration can be tedious but we do it seamlessly without disturbing your current process.

Step 2: Customize

Together, we custom-design your reports from our vast library of reusable templates, charts, and reports.

We use your logos, fonts, color palettes and placements. They’re your reports, after all.

Custom Colors

Your Colors

Custom Fonts

Your Fonts

Custom Branding

Your Branding

Step 3: Publish …

… and repeat every reporting cycle.

Update and Reconcile Plan-level Data

We get the plan-level data from your custodian and reconcile it under your supervision and guidance.

Validate data

After you sign off on the reconcilation, we queue up your reports for production.

Generate Reports

All that needs to be happen next is the click of a button. And that too, our team does for you!

PARis creates your report books in PDF format fully ready for distribution.

Distribute Your Reports

You can share your reports with stakeholders via PRISM, our distribution portal that comes integrated with PARis, or your own client portal or website.

Or have them sent to your printing facility; we’ll work with your printer and you to set up a streamlined workflow.

We do all the work but you remain in control

You have the freedom to …

Step in at any time or any stage of the process

Run ad hoc reports

Handle the inevitable exceptions to rules

And you have peace of mind, too.

Improved compliance and transparency

Reduced operational costs

Greater client satisfaction