Objective:  Fulfill Your Fiduciary Obligations

Select Cost-effective Investment Options

Don’t let high-fee investment options get in the way of your fiduciary responsibilities. InvestWorks helps you discover risk-appropriate yet cost-effective investment options that meet portfolio risk and return needs as well as objectives such as ESG standards and faith-based investing.

Provide a Stellar Fund Line-up

InvestWorks helps you pick tomorrow’s winners. Analyze performance. Quantify risk and investment style. Search for investments that satisfy specific criteria. Compare investments with peers and with market proxies. And perform due diligence using a complete suite of qualitative data points.

Want to venture beyond your own due diligence? Employing a proprietary combination of data analysis and insight from industry professionals driving investment decisions worldwide, InterSec Research provides an insider’s perspective to support your manager research effort.

Deliver Informative Reports

PARis features a vast library of customizable charts and tables which you can mix-and-match in thousands of ways to produce performance and manager profile reports that say exactly what you want to and look precisely the way you want them to. Need more? Build custom charts and tables for pretty much any calculation supported in PARis.

Objective:  Monitor the Health of Your Plan

Compare Your Plan with Peers

Plan Sponsor Peer Groups is a unique feature in PARis. Investment Metrics constructs anonymous peer-groups of the retirement plans that use its platform. You can compare your asset class allocations against the average allocation levels in our plan sponsor universe to get a clear idea of how your plan measures up to the average plan. PARis also provides you the shifts in allocation to asset classes over time by plan type to get a bird’s eye-view of how your plan investments are changing as compared to other plans of your type.

Get Instant Transparency into Plan Assets

Monitor existing managers, performance, risk and market benchmarks. Validate investment consultant recommendations. Evaluate active management fees relevant to manager performance. Assess your portfolio to meet asset allocation and timing needs. PARis helps get a 360-degree overview of your plan assets.

Monitor Investment Policy Compliance

Customize your performance reporting with investment policy benchmarks and pass/fail indicators. Evaluate performance of individual managers using returns-based and holdings-based attribution. Measure exposure to a wide range of risk factors with the built-in Northfield risk engine. PARis delivers insightful analytics to measure plan-level performance and perfrom risk due diligence.

Effectively Prepare for Investment Reviews

Justify manager selections to your investment committee with InvestWorks. Provide accurate numbers on a wide range or return and risk metrics and generate ad-hoc reports with PARis to objectively answer questions and queries. Investment Metrics has the tools you need to be fully prepared for investment reviews.