What We Do

We give you an insiders perspective into market trends AND your competition.

Industry Reviews

Insightful reports on market trends and industry developments.

Market Surveys

Identification and quantification of important trends developing in the marketplace.

Performance Reporting

Competitive product positioning through comparative peer group attribution.

Manager Questionnaires

Identification of growth areas within the institutional marketplace.

Research Papers

Papers on topics of interest to asset managers, consultants, and pension plans.

Custom Research

Ad-hoc research focusing, typically, on product development or positioning.


How We Do It

By venturing well beyond analytics. We get regular face-time with market-movers.


Sample Our Research

What are the optimum fees
for your portfolio?

In our Active Management Fee Review, we address the challenge of pricing active equity products by reviewing the actual fees across the active non-U.S. and U.S. equity landscape and analyzing the results of differing investment characteristics.

29 pages 55 exhibits US and Non-US
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Get an insider’s perspective into market trends AND your competition

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