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Fee Analyzer


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Benchmark your firm’s portfolios against the industry’s most comprehensive and reliable fee data source

Investment Metrics’ Fee Analyzer provides access to a wealth of actual post-negotiated fee data stored in our performance reporting and measurement platforms, empowering asset managers, asset owners, and investment consultants to analyze actual fees for custom mandate size ranges across all plan types, not just public pension funds. With Fee Analyzer’s highly reliable data, users gain powerful competitive insights for contract negotiations, pricing new products, and properly aligning fees against the market.


What does Fee Analyzer offer the Institutional Investment Community?

  • Show actual fees for custom mandate size range
  • Create fee universes at all levels of asset class hierarchy
  • Compare multiple asset classes and individual styles
  • View universes across all dimensions by plan type
  • Generate fee universe to see fee dispersion based on firm’s mandates and fee schedules
  • Analyze various statistics such as actual fees vs. performance, alpha, and standard deviation
  • Restrict fee analysis to new or recently renegotiated mandates
  • Fee Analyzer includes fee data for over 60 investment styles across 5 major asset classes

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Why Fee Analyzer Over a Traditional Fee Database?
Traditional Fee Database
Fee Analyzer
Fee Data Type Stated Fees    Actual Post-Negotiated Fees
Data Source Manager Self-Reported, Survey    Fees from Live Portfolios
Data Update Frequency Static    Quarterly
Plan Type Coverage Partial    Comprehensive
Data Availability Industry data only    Industry data + Your Firm's Data
Usage Passive    Interactive
Universes Pre-determined    User-defined
Data Views Limited, Pre-defined    Flexible, Easy to customize

A Fresh Approach to Fee Data

20,000+ institutional plans, 500,000+ portfolios, 10 trillion dollars assets under advisementIn the past, fee data has been cobbled together from incomplete, outdated sources that lack external validation. Fee Analyzer addresses these shortcomings, resulting in the most comprehensive and trustworthy source of actual, post-negotiated fees across major asset classes, investment styles and plan types.

Our actual fee data is driven off live portfolio fee schedules used in calculating performance for over 20,000 institutional plans and over 500,000 portfolios. The data is anonymized and loaded into an online platform to provide managers and institutional investors the ability to filter and view actual fee data across many different dimensions.

The Post-Negotiated Fee Advantage

  • Determine what asset owners are actually paying for asset management
  • Benchmark fees to other asset managers and determine if your firm is in line with the market
  • Easily upload fee data for your firm’s active portfolios and compare with custom universes of actual fees
  • Gain transparency into where fees are being discounted by mandate size or plan type
  • Access to a more reliable fee data source for pricing new products
  • Utilize reliable fee data sources for internal and external fee negotiations

Questions about Fee Analyzer?  Visit the FAQ page.

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