Objective:  Take the Stress Out of Reporting

Monitor Performance Effortlessly

Automatically generate results for individual investments and your total plan with PARis. Evaluate performance of individual managers using returns-based and holdings-based attribution. Measure exposure to a wide range of risk factors with the built-in Northfield engine. PARis has the tools you need to validate that your portfolios are meeting their objectives.

Simplify Data Management

PARis uses our integrated database of proprietary institutional data, comprehensive market and index data, and a first-class security master and combines it seamlessly with automatically downloaded data from your custodian to make data collection and updates absolutely pain-free.

Design Clear and Concise Reports

PARis features a vast library of customizable charts and tables which you can mix-and-match in thousands of ways to produce performance and manager profile reports that say exactly what you want to and look precisely the way you want them to. Need more? Build custom charts and tables for pretty much any calculation supported in PARis.

Add a Personal Touch Easily

PARis is built with the premise that informative reports are more than simply charts and tables. Easily add your commentaries, illustrations, annotations, and Microsoft Office or PDF documents to your report books in a jiffy. PARis ensures that your additions fit right in esthetically with the computer-generated charts and tables.

Make Your Reports Pretty

PARis gives you fine-grained control over every small formatting detail. Place your logo wherever you want. Use the exact font face, color, and size that your branding folks mandate. Build as concise or as detailed a table of contents as you require.

Streamline Document Delivery

PRISM is a secure web portal for document delivery that comes fully integrated with PARis. Publish reports and books from PARis directly to PRISM with the click of a button. Publish any document on PRISM manually for easy sharing and distribution. Exercise a fine-grained control over who sees what. Archive reports in a secure repository for easy reference.

Want your reports and books to be sent electronically to a production facility for volume printing? PARis does that too.

Objective:  Simplify Manager Research

Establish Objective Investment Policies

InvestWorks quantifies performance, risk, and investment style of individual investments as well as entire peer groups. Construct blended portfolio models to test your assumptions. Slice and dice them to confirm your instincts. Provide a solid justification for your choices. InvestWorks helps you allocate assets judiciously to meet your clients’ investment objectives.

Optimize Buy Lists

InvestWorks helps you pick tomorrow’s winners. Analyze performance. Quantify risk and investment style. Search for investments that satisfy specific criteria. Compare investments with peers and with market proxies. And perform due diligence using a complete suite of qualitative data points.

Want to venture beyond your own due diligence? Employing a proprietary combination of data analysis and insight from industry professionals driving investment decisions worldwide, InterSec Research provides an insider’s perspective to support your manager research effort.

Get More Out of Manager Meetings

InvestWorks provides in-depth manager profiles containing investment style, portfolio details, performance, risk, narratives, and the biographies of professionals managing the portfolio which help you decide whether to even take a meeting. And when you do, you are equipped to ask pertinent questions.

Create Effective Search Books

InvestWorks provides custom-branded, ready-to-distribute profiles of asset managers and investments in PDF format at the click of a button.

Off-the-shelf search book generators just won’t suffice? PARis offers the flexibility of customizable templates and formats, customizable branding, mixing-and-matching of external content such as meeting notes and commentaries, and the convenience of automation options. Do it yourself with the web-based flavor of PARis or let us do it for you with RaaS, our outsourced report-generation service.