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October 29th, 2019

Top Active Equity Manager Asset Gainers – Q3 2019

By Scott Treacy, CFA

IM Q3 Active Manager Equity Asset Gainers

Active public equity managers saw 187 new mandates in the third quarter of 2019, totaling $24.3B based on data provided to the Investment Metrics Global Database. The assets gained broke down into US products taking 54% of the total, non-US products were 33%, and, lastly, global products were 13% of that $24.3B figure.

WCM Investment appeared in the top five asset gainers in three different segments of the equity market, with global large-cap equity, international large-cap equity, and international small-cap equity. GQG partners had two products on the top five winner lists in global large-cap equity and international large-cap equity.

Of the 30 top asset gainers shown in the table below, only six of those portfolios were quantitatively driven portfolios. Many quantitative portfolio managers had difficulties in the volatile Q4 2018 equity market, which may have redirected institutional interest back towards fundamentally driven products. Over the past three years, there was increased interest in quantitative portfolios because of their good risk-adjusted performance and lower fee offering.


IM Global Database Q3 2019 Top Asset Gainers

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