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Market Insights: Q3 2019 Equity Manager Peer Group Performance

We reviewed the equity manager performance (gross-of-fees) in the Investment Metrics Global Database across different segments of the market.

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Top Active Equity Manager Asset Gainers – Q3 2019

We took a look at the top asset gainers in Q3 2019. Here's what we found...

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Trends and Analysis into Q2 Net Asset Flows

Take a look at the trends that took place for Q2 2019 Net Asset Flows.

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The State of ESG Investing

As ESG investing continues to rise in trend today, we took a look at how firms can implement this strategy.

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Why the OCIO Model is on the Rise

What’s causing companies to switch to the OCIO service model in recent years? Read here to find out the key factors contributing to its growth.

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Investment Metrics Top 10 Q1 2019 Tax-Exempt Assets Gained Across US Equity

Investment Metrics releases its market summary of the top 10 portfolios that gathered tax-exempt assets across US Equity in Q1 2019.

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The Benefits of Active Management

The Investment Metrics Research Team reviewed the most consistent performers in global and non-US large-cap equity over the past five years to demonstrate the added wealth created by the top asset managers.

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Investment Metrics Master Trust Universe: Q4 and 2018 Calendar Year Returns

Investment Metrics Master Trust Universe corporate plans posted the highest returns for the quarter and calendar year ending December 2018.

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Currency Hedging in Emerging Markets: Does it Reduce Risk?

Given the volatility in emerging markets equity, do managers utilize currency hedging to actively lower the risk in their portfolios?

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2019 Best Practices & Trends in Client Reporting

The best presentations are the ones that don’t feel like presentations, so we’ve compiled some quick tips on how to tell a story with your reports to deliver your strongest presentation to date.

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