New Release: Fee Analyzer

New capabilities and expanded data set a new standard for institutional management fee analysis.

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Putting Institutional Investment Databases to Work for You

APX Stream, formerly known as Jackson Analytics, will host a webinar, How Institutional Investment Databases Work for You, on Tuesday, March 31 at 11:00 AM EDT to help asset managers better understand these vital marketing avenues.

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Investment Market Insights: 5-Year Plan Performance Comparison

The Investment Metrics Research Team reviewed and compared the average asset allocation and performance over five years within the Investment Metrics database.

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The New Standard for Institutional Management Fee Analysis

With scrutiny on management fees in the institutional investment market continuing to rise, having access to the industry’s only comprehensive source of actual post-negotiated fee data is becoming even more important. That's why we built Fee Analyzer. Learn more about the recent updates to Fee Analyzer.

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How to Use Transparency in Fee Data to Your Advantage

Learn how an increased focus on investment data and transparency is becoming top-of-mind for market participants, and how you can take advantage of the change.

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Top Tax-Exempt Assets Gained in 2019

Here is our breakdown of the top tax-exempt asset gainers in 2019, and what these findings mean.

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Institutional Investment: 5 Trends to Watch in 2020

As a new decade comes upon us, significant changes loom on the horizon for asset allocation and the institutional investment industry. Here are five key trends we see evolving over the course of 2020.

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Market Insights: Active Management Fee Review

Learn what the Investment Metrics Research Team found when comparing active management fee levels across multiple perspectives.

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Market Insights: Q3 2019 Equity Manager Peer Group Performance

We reviewed the equity manager performance (gross-of-fees) in the Investment Metrics Global Database across different segments of the market.

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Top Active Equity Manager Asset Gainers – Q3 2019

We took a look at the top asset gainers in Q3 2019. Here's what we found...

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Trends and Analysis into Q2 Net Asset Flows

Take a look at the trends that took place for Q2 2019 Net Asset Flows.

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