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Active Management Fee Analysis

Determining the appropriate pricing for an active equity product is a challenging endeavor for institutional asset managers ...

... especially when considering the substantial amount of passive equity pressure placed on them today. To help alleviate this pressure, we reviewed the actual fees charged across the active non-U.S. and U.S. equity landscape and analyzed the results based on differing investment characteristics. This information will provide institutional investors, as well as institutional asset managers, a better understanding of where active management fees currently stand.

Insights from the report:

  • Actual Fees Charged by managers
    • U.S. equity actual fees across capitalization universes
    • Non-U.S. equity actual fees across geographic universe
  • Percentage of Universes offering fee concessions
    • Average fee discount by universe
  • Fee comparisons include:
    • Open vs. closed managers
    • Assets under management
    • Concentration of portfolio
    • Style designation
    • Top performers by universe
    • Top asset gainers by universe


Sample Exhibits


Active managers with institutional equity separate accounts, who claimed compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS), were included in the study. Research was done using InvestWorks based on data supplied by over 1,200 asset managers to the Investment Metrics database, EQuest.

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